Creating a Personalized American Home Style


American furniture with its classic, comfortable and personalized features, become the ideal choice in the minds of many people. In this article, we will discuss with you how to create a personalized American home style from different perspectives, so that you can learn and create your own unique American design.
First, color matching and decoration
Choose the right color: American home style is often dominated by warm tones, such as beige, coffee and deep red, as a cup of rich coffee or a piece of sweet chocolate. This creates a warm and cozy atmosphere that complements the wooden furniture.
Use of wallpaper and wall decorations: choose wallpaper or wall decorations with American colors, such as floral patterns, vintage patterns, can add personalization of the room and a strong American style, making the space more layered.
Pick the right curtains and window treatments: heavy and textured curtains are like putting on a gorgeous coat for the room. At the same time, hang some retro-style window decorations on the windows, such as fine curtains or curtain accessories, combined with interior decorations, romantic and cozy.
Second, furniture selection and arrangement
Choose classic American furniture: American furniture is like the older but still charming elders, with exquisite carvings and detailing, elegant and gorgeous tone filled the entire space. Choose some classic American furniture, such as solid wood beds, solid wood desks and solid wood dining tables, to bring a comfortable touch and distinctive visual enjoyment.
Arranging Furniture Placement: When placing furniture, keep the space airy and streamlined with the grace of a dancer. Place large furniture in the middle of the room, while smaller furniture can be placed in corners or along the walls in order to create a cozy and spacious living environment.
Match the right soft decorations: Choose some soft decorations that match the American style, such as vintage wall clocks, floral ornaments and fabric sofa covers. These soft decorations can add a warm and personalized room, easy to create "American style".
Third, lighting and lighting design
The use of natural light: American home style focus on the use of natural light, so try to keep the room transparent, choose good light curtains and windows. At the same time, you can arrange a large area of mirrors to reflect the light, increase the brightness of the room, so that the space to maintain a vibrant atmosphere, which is the original appearance of life.
Choose the right lighting: Use some retro and industrial style lighting, such as iron chandeliers, pipe chandeliers and wall sconces. These lights can add a unique and cozy atmosphere to the room, highlighting the elegance and nobility of the interior.
Fourth, detailing and personalized decoration
Focus on detailing: detailing is like adding some small surprises to the home, choose to have vintage characteristics of the door handle, drawer pulls and other small objects for the room to add a chic style. Hang some photos and paintings on the wall with memorial significance or personal preferences, the unique "story" comes to life.
Create a personal space: In an American home, it is very important to create a personal space for yourself. In the room set up a reading corner or leisure area, placed a comfortable armchair and a bookshelf, enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation.
Summary: Through reasonable color matching and decoration, furniture selection and arrangement, lighting and lamp design as well as detailing and personalized decoration, we can create a personalized American home style. Such a home environment can not only let us feel comfortable and warm, but also show a unique taste and personality. American furniture will be the rich and deep interpretation of nature just right, thus presenting infinite vitality and harmony of beauty.