The secret to making modern solid wood furniture full of "high-end": mortise and tenon structure


The tenon-and-mortise structure is the main connection method of traditional Chinese furniture. It is not only the inheritance of traditional Chinese culture, but also the crystallization of the wisdom of ancient Chinese wood craftsmen. It allows traditional Chinese furniture to have a sound structure without a single nail or glue. Traditional furniture has become a dazzling "Pearl" in Chinese culture.

The tenon in mortise and tenon refers to the tenon, which is the protruding part of the structure; the mortise refers to the mortise, which is the hole in which the tenon is inserted. Since the new era more than 7,000 years ago, our ancestors began to use the tenon-and-mortise structure. The Ming Dynasty was the peak period of the development of the tenon-and-mortise structure. At this time, the tenon-and-mortise structure was beautiful in appearance and exquisite in craftsmanship, which also promoted the formation of furniture in Ming Dynasty in my country. Beautiful, unique art style.

The application of tenon and tenon in modern furniture makes modern solid wood furniture more delicate and beautiful. Different from the rapid production of panel furniture, tenon and tenon structure requires longer processing cycle, which reflects that tenon and tenon furniture enterprises are loyal to traditional craftsmanship and design. idea. This article introduces 5 examples of different types of tenon-and-mortise structures in modern furniture.