How much do you know about common furniture types?


After the house decoration is completed, everyone will probably consider buying furniture. So do you know what types of furniture there are? Distinguished from materials, common furniture types include the following

1. Hardware furniture

Green and environmentally friendly, no glue lamination, no need to worry about formaldehyde. As a room decoration, hardware furniture can create exquisite visual effects. Today, it is no longer just conventional glossy, brushed, and random patterns. It can even retain some natural traces in the production process, and the furniture no longer looks rigid and rigid. Single, but forming a metallic character. There are different materials on the market with prices ranging from low to high, and ironwork is more likely to rust if it is not properly treated.

2. Solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture is one of the oldest types of furniture in the world. It is favored by everyone for its natural, original, environmentally friendly and durable characteristics. There are also many types of wood, including beech, rubber wood, ebony, teak, and maple. , oak, red toon, ash, elm, poplar, pine, etc. The price of wood varies greatly depending on the wood.

3. Board furniture, panel furniture

Panel furniture refers to furniture made of artificial boards such as medium-density fiberboard or particle board with surface veneer and other processes. Artificial boards are cheaper than solid wood, but they require glue to compound, so they are prone to produce a large amount of formaldehyde and require long-term ventilation. To remove the smell, it is mainly used to make cabinets.

4. Ceramic and stone furniture

Slate, native marble, artificial marble, and resin artificial marble are all stone furniture, mainly used as desktops and background walls. Its characteristics are environmental protection, rich colors, and clear texture, but it is brittle and easily broken, so you need to be careful when installing; Slate is divided into imported and domestic, and marble is divided into artificial and original. The raw materials can be selected according to the decoration style and personal preferences.

5. Bamboo and rattan furniture

Bamboo is a fast-growing material and is mainly used for leisure and outdoor furniture. The weaving technique of bamboo weaving is very particular. The strength and judgment of the material require craftsmen with many years of experience to control it. If the weaving technique is not good, the chair will easily loosen. It will collapse and deform, and the material of bamboo itself is also prone to insect infestation, which requires users to take care of it on a daily basis.

6. Plastic furniture

Plastic furniture is a new type of furniture. There are many types of plastics but they can basically be divided into two types: thermosets and thermoplastics. It is popular among consumers for its bright colors, different shapes, lightness and compactness, low price, and wide application. However, it also has many shortcomings. It is easy to discolor and turn yellow over time, and its tensile strength is relatively weak. , the service life is shorter.

An important part of every home is furniture. Furniture style and decoration style complement each other. In fact, there is no perfect furniture material. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Just consider and choose according to your needs. So what kind of furniture will you like?