Inventory of Common Furniture Wood


The furniture on the market is made of various materials and has complex craftsmanship. Only by mastering the common types and characteristics of furniture wood can you better choose the furniture you like.

1. Rubber wood - high hardness, not easily deformed, and easy to maintain. Rubber wood furniture is made from the trunk of rubber wood. It comes from a wide range of sources and the wood is stable. It is a very widely used furniture wood. Rubber wood furniture is cost-effective and very popular among consumers.

2. Oak - hard texture, clear texture, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The scientific name of oak is Quercus japonica, so red oak is also called Quercus robur, and white oak is also called Quercus leucophylla. The color of red oak wood is apricot and a little pinker, while white oak is light apricot. The difference between the two is not very big. Many rubber wood furniture on the market are called oak furniture. When buying, you must pay attention to it and ask whether it is rubber wood or oak. If you want to buy oak furniture, be sure not to choose the wrong one. Oak furniture is much more expensive than rubber wood furniture. Yes.

3. Manchurian ash—smooth cut surface and good corrosion resistance. Ash is an excellent material with a wide range of uses. The furniture used to make it has beautiful texture and is very durable. The heartwood of Manchurian ash is light yellowish brown, and the sapwood is light yellowish white. The wood grain is straight, with only shrinkage and rings around the roots. The price is affordable and friendly to the people.

4. Beech - hard wood and fine texture. Beech is a commonly used material in Chinese furniture production. Most of the furniture handed down in China today is Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture, and many of these furniture have survived. Its heartwood is yellowish-brown to brown, and its sapwood is yellowish-white to grayish-brown, with clear boundaries.

5. Walnut wood - highly durable and not easily deformed. Walnut is one of the more durable woods and is mainly distributed in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania and other places. Domestic walnut wood is lighter in color. Black walnut is light dark brown with purple color, and its chord section has a beautiful large parabolic pattern. Walnut wood used to make furniture not only has a good molding effect, but also has a saturated surface gloss and rich colors.

6. Teak - has luster, uniform color, water and fire resistance. Teak, also known as oil wood, purple teak, and annatto, is a precious wood species known throughout the world. Teak is mainly produced in India. Its heartwood is slightly golden brown or reddish brown, the sapwood is from yellowish white to white, and the heartwood has special dark brown stripes.

7. Pine - soft wood, commonly used in children's furniture. Pine wood is one of the common woods for furniture. Its surface has obvious wood grains, the wood color is relatively light, and it has a unique aroma. Pine is a fast-growing wood that is widely used in China, so it is cheaper than other woods.

8. Elm-durable, stable structure, smooth planed surface. Elm is known as "elm lump", which is said to be difficult to cut and cut. Elm is divided into yellow elm and purple elm. Yellow elm is more common. When the wood is newly cut, it is light yellow, and the color gradually deepens with age. Purple elm is naturally black and purple, and its heavy color is similar to the color of old mahogany. It is the bulk of northern furniture.