Wood texture can be used in the shape and structure of furniture in this way


The preferred materials for furniture manufacturing are generally wood and wood materials. In the design of wooden furniture, whether it is solid wood furniture or wood grain veneer furniture, the characteristics of wood texture have an important impact on the shape, structure, process design of furniture, as well as furniture aesthetics and culture.

What are the characteristics of wood texture

Wood is a natural biological material, and the tree growth process forms growth rings every year or every dry and rainy season. The texture is composed of main cells such as wood fibers, vessels, and tracheids, and varies with different arrangement directions.

In recent years, wood materials are more and more widely used in furniture, interior decoration materials, architectural landscape materials, etc., so the research and application of wood texture has become very important. With the improvement of people's living standards and changes in aesthetic awareness, as well as the improvement of wood processing and related technical levels, the design of solid wood furniture, wood furniture and wood products is also constantly innovating.

The design of wooden furniture can get design inspiration from the functions and forms of nature and creatures. The roots, trunks, branches and other parts of the wood have different morphological characteristics, and the textures presented after processing also have their own characteristics. The texture of wood constitutes a variety of beautiful patterns, and the decorative effects of normal and abnormal textures also have their own characteristics. In the design of wooden furniture, a deeper excavation can be carried out.