Talking about the characteristics and styles of Nordic furniture


Features of Nordic style furniture:

1. Nordic style design concept:

The Nordic style focuses on the organic and scientific combination between man and nature, society and the environment. Nordic style is famous for its simplicity, and has influenced later styles such as "minimalism" and "post-modernism". At present, the minimalism of Nordic style has reached the extreme, which is usually reflected in the indoor walls, floors and ceilings. On the one hand, the embellishment is distinguished by lines and color blocks, and this style is reflected on the furniture, resulting in Nordic furniture that does not use carvings and patterns.

2. Nordic style:

Nordic style emphasizes the perfect combination of simple structure and comfort. For example, to design a chair, it is not only necessary to pursue its beauty in shape, but more importantly, ergonomics, so that its curve can be perfectly matched when it comes into contact with the human body. , the Nordics call this combination of art and practicality "applicable art".

3. Nordic colors:

Nordic style homes are often used in black and white, especially white plays an important role in the decoration. White is the main color of Nordic style homes, which is probably related to the climate of northern Europe. Of course, Nordic style can also be used Matching with other light colors, light colors will give people a very warm feeling, and it will not be too monotonous in tenderness. The harmonious color matching will give people a sense of security and comfort.

4. The use of Nordic style materials:

The soul of Nordic style furniture is wood, and the materials are mostly birch, pine and maple. The combination of straight lines and soft curves creates the appearance of furniture with simple lines. The sofa is light and the wooden frame is exposed or wrapped under the thick cotton cloth of solid color, showing a simple, fresh and original beauty.