How much do you know about the daily care of furniture?


The daily care of furniture is very important. Once the method is incorrect, it will not only fail to maintain the effect, but also damage the furniture, resulting in broken and old furniture, and even greatly shorten the service life.

Today, the editor has sorted out the five common misunderstandings of furniture care for everyone to see if you have been shot~

Misunderstanding 1: Use a dry rag to wipe the dust on the surface of the furniture

In fact, these fine particles have damaged the paint surface of the furniture during the back and forth rubbing friction. Over time, the surface of the furniture will be dull and rough, and the light will no longer be present.

Misunderstanding 2: Use coarse cloth or old clothes as rags

When wiping furniture, do not use coarse cloths or old clothes that are no longer worn as rags. It is better to use towels, cotton cloths, cotton fabrics or flannel cloths and other absorbent fabrics.

Misunderstanding 3: Use soapy water, detergent or clean water to clean furniture

Cleaning products such as soapy water and detergent are corrosive to a certain extent, which will damage the surface of the furniture and make the paint surface dull. At the same time, if moisture penetrates into the wood, it will also cause mildew or local deformation of the wood, shortening the service life.

Myth 4: Just wipe the liquid clean

Most leather sofas have pores on the surface of the leather, so if you accidentally spill water or beverages and other liquids on the sofa surface, you must wipe them off with a soft cloth immediately, and use a dry soft cloth to gently press the surface where the liquid is poured. , suck out the liquid in the pores, and open the window to let the sofa dry as soon as possible.

Misunderstanding 5: Furniture care spray wax is applied directly on the sofa

Professionals know that furniture care spray wax can only be used to spray the surface of wooden furniture, not on the sofa. Once spray wax is sprayed on it, it will cause the pores of leather products to be blocked, and over time, the leather will age and shorten its service life.

In addition, in order to make the furniture look more shiny, some people apply some wax products directly on the furniture, or use it improperly, which will cause foggy spots on the surface of the furniture. It is recommended not to try.