A good chair depends on its details


A misunderstanding of many people about furniture is that large materials represent firmness and stability, and small materials are unstable. In fact, the firmness of Chinese-style furniture mainly comes not from the size of the materials used, but from the structure. No matter how big the material is, if the structure is not good, it will collapse when you sit on it; no matter how small the material is, as long as the structure is rigorous enough, you can lift a thousand pounds. The Zen chair is a very good example. The front and rear legs of our Zen chair are made of one piece of wood, which greatly increases the strength and durability of the front and rear legs. Since it is made of one piece of wood, the upper part of the front leg is the armrest, and the lower part is the chair leg; the upper part of the rear leg is the backrest, and the lower part is the chair leg. Above the seat surface of the chair, the hand contact area is required to be round and smooth; below the seat surface, it is required to play a bearing role on the seat surface, so the upper and lower parts of the chair legs must be made into different shapes.